Production has begun on "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" - an animated series coming to Disney XD!

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As revealed in an announcement at this year's New York Comic Con (and confirmed via press release shortly thereafter), Disney & Marvel have joined forces to create an animated series based on character's from this Summer's massive smash hit film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Per the press release: “...the series stars Peter Quill as Star-Lord, the brash adventurer who, to save the universe from its greatest threats, joins forces with a quartet of disparate misfits – fan-favorite Rocket Raccoon, a tree-like humanoid named Groot, the enigmatic, expert fighter Gamora and the rough-edged warrior Drax the Destroyer.”

All points we already know from the film (and comics), but it's still an exciting development to say the least.

Check out this Test Footage from New York Comic Con!
"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" Animated Series - NYCC Test Footage00:58

"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" Animated Series - NYCC Test Footage

How excited are you for this new series?

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