Nebula poster

Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the adoptive sister of Gamora. She works for her master, Ronan the Accuser. She was portrayed by Karen Gillan.


Nebula is a blue-skinned assassin. She was given an artificial left eye, left shoulder, and left arm. She wears purple clothes and purple belt.


Her weapons are two swords and in the movie they were used for the fight with her adoptive sister Gamora.


Nebula is cruel and bitter, and not loving person. That's why she's a villain. But she is also bitter and jealous of Gamora, seeing as Thanos claims that she is her favorite daughter over Nebula, who is overall loyal to him. But once she learns that Ronan could handle the intense power of the Orb, she turns sides to Ronan, after he promises to come after Thanos once he's done with Nova Prime.



She was being one of Thanos' employ, and is also Thanos' second daughter, though she is least favored.

Ronan the Accuser

She allies with Ronan the Accuser after he retrieves the Orb with the Infinity Stones.


As Gamora's adoptive sister, Nebula makes her as an enemy instead of caring her. Nebula fights with Gamora, which results in Nebula losing one of her arms.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Nebula hates the Guardians mostly because Gamora is apart of their team, and tried to kill her but failed in doing so.


  • In Marvel Comics, Nebula's hair was blue and long. But in the movie she doesn't have any hair (bald).