Gamora poster

Gamora's poster

Gamora is an alien who was an adopted daughter of Thanos. She is the adopted sister of Nebula. She was portrayed by Zoe Saldana.


Gamora has red-maroon/purple hair and green skin. From the TV series, her eyes were described to be initially green and then yellow. From the trailer, Gamora is seen wearing a red jacket (similar to Star-Lord's jacket) and a black outfit at times.


She wields a sword, her Godslayer blade.


She's a fearless assassin who will stop at nothing to get the vengeance she need on Ronan and Thanos. She does have a soft side for people like Peter Quill and creatures like Groot, however, she's not afraid to threaten to kill someone if needed, and has trusting issues with people she doesn't know very well.



At first, Gamora seems to despise him and occasionally attacks him. The two start to show romantic interest for each other as the film progresses, and Quill risks his life for Gamora while in Knowhere.


Nebula is Gamora's adopted sister and another adopted daughter of Thanos. Since they were adopted, the two had been competing with one another, with Gamora always being the better one. Gamora was the reason that Nebula underwent extreme cybernetic implants on the side of her face, as well as her entire left arm. It’s left Nebula bitter and cold, continuously in Gamora’s shadow. Even when Gamora begged her to help them stop Ronan before he used the Orb Infinity Stone, she claimed that she was as crazy as Ronan, still hating Gamora.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax wanted to kill Gamora originally because her father, Thanos, played a role in the murder of his wife and daughter. However, Peter Quill convinces Gamora to trust Drax, and the two become good friends following their escape. At the end of the movie, Gamora reminds Drax that his wife and daughter are avenged now that Ronan is dead, but Drax tells Gamora that Ronan was just a "puppet" and Thanos is the real villain behind their deaths.